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MRP-084 Fine Surface Primer Gray 60ml

MRP-084 Fine Surface Primer Gray 60ml
 MRP-084 Fine Surface Primer Gray 60mlMRP-084 Fine Surface Primer Gray 60ml 

Model:  MRP-084
Brand:  MR. PAINT / MRP



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Fine Surface Primer Gray for plastic, metal and resin.

MR. PAINT is an acrylic lacquer paint designed for use in an airbrush. Colours are pre-thinned and ready for immediate use. For best results we recommend applying multiple thin layers.

Should further thinning be necessary you can use MR. Thinner as well as Gunze (Mr. Hobby) Thinner or Levelling Thinner.

For clean up we recommend MR. Cleaner or Gunze (Mr. Hobby) Tool Cleaner.


  • extremely fine pigment
  • an "ink" like paint that atomises easily in your airbrush
  • excellent coverage (even light colours)
  • quick drying

Contents: 60ml

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